How to Make Money on YouTube

How to make money on youtube

Learn how to make money on youtube channel.

How much money do Youtubers make

According to The Wall Street Journal report, Pewdiepie (A famous youtube channel) earned $4 million in 2013 only. Next year, in 2014 The Swedish Magazine  reported that Pewdiepie earned around $7.5 million in 2014, most of his revenue was generated from his Youtube channel.

$7.5 million in one year is not it exciting if you can earn only 1% of his earning by starting your Youtube channel?? I will not promise that you will become a successful youtuber, but if you upload videos regularly on youtube, definitely you will earn some money from your youtube channel.

Can you make money on Youtube

yes, you can make money. If you want, then you must read this blog carefully.
The money will not happen with the first day of starting your youtube channel. I am showing you that how can you make money with starting your own youtube channel.

#1. Create a Youtube channel

You can start your youtube channel with your gmail account. it is free to make youtube channel.

1. To start, Go to and open with your Gmail account. 2. Click on the bar beside the Youtube logo on the left corner. 3. Click on My Channels from the drop down menu. 4. A box with heading ‘Set up your channel on YouTube’ will appear, with your name highlighted. 5. Fill you personal information. Your youtube channel is now created successful.

#2. Find a better niche for your channel

Select a category in which, you can make videos.Select a niche which is related to your hobby or passion for a work. Here you can see some categories, you can select one for your youtube channel: 1. If you are a good singer, you can make videos with singing songs. 2. If you are a good player, you can make videos on sports. 3. If you are a good bike rider, you can make videos on bike riding. 4. If you love traveling, you can make vlog videos. 5. If you are a good comedian, you can make comedy videos. 6. If you are a good viner, you can make vines. 7. If you are a good chef, you can make videos of recipes. 8. If you are a teacher, you can make teaching videos. And many more…

#3. Link your Youtube channel with Google adsense

When your YouTube channel meets these demands then you are able to make money (reach the following threshold):
Your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.
Your channels must be viewed at least 4,000 hours of watch time over the past 12 months.
If your channel is eligible, you can apply for adsense to monetize your youtube channel.

how many views on youtube for start make money

This is not possible to say that how much views you must have to start making money on youtube, but you need 4000 hours of watch time. if you make videos with 4 minutes minimum, you will need 60,000+ total views to start making money on youtube.
If you want to earn money on youtube without monetizing your channel, you can follow this steps:

Ways to earn money on Youtube without monetizing channel

#1. Sponsorship: You can make money on youtube with getting sponsorship. You can get sponsorship, if you have good content and good engagement on your channel. This is a great way to earn money with youtube, because there is no investment and no risk.
#2. Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate Marketing is the best method to earn money through youtube channel. You can make review videos of product which you want to sell. Simply make review videos and give your affiliate links in the video description.

Learn more about affiliate marketing

#3. Earn with promoting other’s youtube channel:
You can also earn money through promoting small youtube channels. You have to shout out that channel in your video only, and you will be paid for that.
#4. Advertising:
You can be also an advertiser with your youtube channel. Youtube videos are first choice to advertising now-a-days. T-Series is a prime example of how volume and consistency can make you a sought-after channel by advertisers on YouTube.T-Series makes no less than $724 thousand per month from its YouTube channel.
If you have any doubts, please comment Happy Earning 🙂

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